Try These Practices to Nurture an Ethical Culture

Try These Practices to Nurture an Ethical Culture

Like many companies in today’s commerce environment, Virtuous Visions, Inc.’s guiding principles are based on ethical business practices. Our associates at all levels act with integrity and professionalism. As our firm grows, it’s important for us to continue to foster a culture that embraces strong ethics. We’ve incorporated these methods to ensure that we’re following our company’s Golden Rules.

One of the first things our new hires learn during the Virtuous Visions, Inc. onboarding process is our firm’s values and how we expect our people to uphold them. Our coaches model the behaviors we want our people to emulate, such as accountability, transparency, and honesty. As our associates work side by side with our seasoned pros, they learn as much about good business practices as our unique strategies.

Ethical behavior is one of the topics that we discuss during Virtuous Visions, Inc. meetings. Our team members have defined doing the right thing as more than just following the law. We believe that a strong moral code means delivering what we promise when we’ve promised it. Our people strive to provide excellent customer service. We make sure our reports are accurate and honest.

We’ve created metrics to confirm that we’re on the right track. Customer satisfaction surveys, goal tracking, and other monitoring systems are used to measure our adherence to our firm’s standards.

By creating an ethical culture, we set our firm up for lasting success. Follow us on Twitter to see what else we value.

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