Three Surefire Ways to Adopt a Promotion Mind-set

Three Surefire Ways to Adopt a Promotion Mind-set

Our Virtuous Visions, Inc. advancement path is designed to help our associates move forward in their careers. We want them to have the tools needed for professional growth. At the same time, we recognize that it is up to them to control their destinies. The following are practices our savvy team members incorporate to be ready for promotions:

  • Change Coaches With Objectives: Most successful people can point back to a good mentor who helped them learn the ropes. Virtuous Visions, Inc.’s coaching model pairs an expert manager with new hires. As this person moves to a new position, he or she will likely work with another leader. This way they can develop a variety of skills learned from people with specific expertise in other roles. 
  • Be Eager for Innovation: Innovation is expected within our Virtuous Visions, Inc. office. Therefore, our associates understand that nothing is status quo. We are continually evolving in our processes and what we offer in terms of customer acquisition solutions. Our people are expected to embrace change and raise the bar on success as they ascend to the next level.
  • Align Efforts With Company Goals: Values and objectives are key to any firm’s success. As such, people who wish to advance tend to understand the company’s vision. They align their efforts so that their goals match those of the firm.

We offer our people several advancement opportunities for which they can qualify. Check out our Newswire to see which individuals have earned promotions.

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