Phrases Leaders With High Moral Character Use

Phrases Leaders With High Moral Character Use

Throughout Virtuous Visions, Inc.’s history, we have made ethics a central theme of our decision-making process. Our work in the green-energy space allows us to know that growing our business is making a broader positive impact. Of course, being ethical is also about strong personal character. Here are a few phrases effective leaders use:

  • “Because I Said I Would”: Following through on promises is always a sign of good character. This phrase indicates that the speaker intends to stay true to his or her word. This type of language helps to build trust among team members.
  • “I Don’t Understand”: The best leaders know when to admit they don’t understand something. We encourage every Virtuous Visions, Inc. associate to be comfortable asking questions. So, we should demonstrate that same behavior as leaders. Curiosity and readiness to learn are often prerequisites of success.
  • “There’s a Reason for That”: Sometimes leaders are more aware of the bigger picture than their team members. Therefore, ethical individuals share their insights. Doing so helps their people to build stronger connections to their work.
  • “I Will Follow Up With You”: In many cases as a leader, it is important to find answers for team members. Our managers always follow up with us to ensure that we have all the information we need.

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